Current Projects


Mr. Schulze's book "Excellence Wins: A No-Nonsense Guide to Becoming the Best in a World of Compromise" in now available in pre-sale!  You can purchase it HERE.

Consulting / Speaking

We understand that at the heart of every business are the people.  Mr. Schulze works with your service professionals to discover their purpose and how to create excellence at every position.

Mr. Schulze is represented by Washington Speakers Bureau.

Among Mr. Schulze's past consulting and speaking clients are: 


-Delta Airlines

-Estée Lauder


-Nielsen Ratings

-Global Leadership Summit

-Schweitzer Engineering Labs


We believe that no matter your business, systems and service are key to achieving excellence.  It is Mr. Schulze's intrinsic understanding of these concepts, which have allowed him to be highly effective across industries.

Currently Mr. Schulze serves on these boards:

-Cancer Treatment Centers of America

-Reliance Trust Company

-Hartman Income REIT 


-KYC Hospitality Inc.